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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

An example of class inheritance.

[docs]class Enemy(object): """A stupid enemy that doesn't know how to attack, but knows how to die. >>> stupid = Enemy(10) Let's hit him and see if he dies >>> stupid.take_damage(5) >>> stupid.alive True Nope, not dead yet ... let's try again! >>> stupid.take_damage(5) >>> stupid.alive False Woohoo, down you go stupid enemy! """ def __init__(self, hp): self.hp = hp self.alive = True
[docs] def take_damage(self, dmg): """Take some damage and check your HP for death.""" self.hp -= dmg self.check_hp()
[docs] def die(self): """Function called when the enemy dies.""" self.alive = False
[docs] def check_hp(self): """If HP is too low, die.""" if self.hp <= 0: self.die()
[docs]class Shaman(Enemy): """A smarter enemy - can do everything Enemy can, but can also heal himself. >>> shaman = Shaman(12) Let's hit him and check if he was damaged >>> shaman.take_damage(5) >>> shaman.alive True >>> shaman.hp 7 Nope, not dead yet ... let's try again! >>> shaman.take_damage(5) >>> shaman.alive True >>> shaman.hp 2 Oops, better heal yourself fast shaman! >>> shaman.heal(20) >>> shaman.hp 22 Wow, that was a strong heal ... better bring out the big guns! >>> shaman.take_damage(100) >>> shaman.hp -78 >>> shaman.alive False Wait ... what are you trying to do? >>> shaman.heal(100) >>> shaman.hp -78 >>> shaman.alive False Silly shaman, you can't heal yourself if you're already dead ... """ def __init__(self, hp): """Call the __init__ from our superclass.""" super(Shaman, self).__init__(hp)
[docs] def heal(self, hp): """Heal himself. Can only do that if he is alive.""" if self.alive: self.hp += hp
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